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5 key benefits of a knee walker

Having a foot or leg injury can be a real pain as it can really impede on the quality of your life. It can make it hard to get around and get even simple things like shopping or getting your mail from the mailbox a hard task. And even the thought of crutches can make you cringe. Knee walkers can be a better option than crutches if your injury is to your foot or below the knee. Yet, why rent a knee walker? Renting a knee walker can be more expensive than crutches after all. The answer is that knee walkers are better overall for your health and wellbeing. Let’s breakdown 5 key benefits of a knee walker for a foot, ankle or knee injury.


It has been our experience here in Pasadena TX for over 20 years that life in the Houston area can be a hectic and fast pace. If you have any sort of real injury to your foot, lower leg, or knee, it can really slow you down. If you have to wear a boot and just try to walk on it, you’re going to go at a really slow pace. The same can be said if you choose to use crutches. With a knee walker, you just rest your knee on the pad and use the 3 to 4 wheels to help you cover longer distances in a shorter time and use less energy in doing so. In fact, with a knee walker, you can practically keep at what would be your normal pace.

Easier Recovery

When you are using crutches or a medical boot, it is so easy to bump your injury on something. This means increased odds of making the injury worse. A knee walker provides a comfortable padded seat where you can securely rest your knee. This keeps your foot and lower leg out of the way and elevated comfortably, making it easier for the injury to heal.

Balance and Posture

Posture is important to keep the blood flowing correctly to the injury, as well as to not create new injuries and soreness. Maintaining your balance is important as to not cause any new injuries. With crutches and boots, it can be hard to do either of these things. We have seen those coming into our medical supply store using crutches and are hunched over or have their shoulders in an unnatural position, creating soreness. When you’re injured, the last thing you want to feel is soreness elsewhere.

There are also those with inner ear disorders or prone to have balance issues due to ears. Some people are also on certain medications that can cause issues with balance. For people like these, using crutches is never a good option.

When you’re using a knee walker or knee rover, you are in an upright natural position. With your knee resting comfortably on the knee walker, you can use both hands to stay balanced using the handlebars while using your other leg to stay within your normal comfortable stride.

Keeps You Mobile for Longer Periods

It’s not hard to imagine that using crutches or hobbling around in a medical boot can get exhausting quickly. If you are using crutches, your hands can get tired from having to grip for long periods of time. Your underarms start to ache from having to support weight for a long period of time as well. A knee walker is fairly effortless, making it perfect if you have to be mobile for long periods of time, such as shopping. Your hands are not as tired from having to grip so hard. You’re just simply not having to exude near as much effort using a knee walker as you would a medical boot or crutches.


One absolutely useful part of a knee walker is the ability to have a storage basket. Try having that on a medical boot or crutches! In fact, crutches impede the use of your hands, making it harder to carry things. Even with a medical boot, it can be hard to carry something because you are slightly swaying back and forth. The basket can help you carry things like groceries, supplies and other helpful items.

Quick Note About Types of Knee Walkers

One of the best things about knee walkers and knee rovers are that there is more than just one type. This allows you to choose which one to best suite your situation. If you are a person who is used to going outdoors and even on trails, there is an all-terrain knee walker. If you’re needing extra padding or want maximum storage ability, there is the KneeRover Deluxe. There is even a KneeRover Jr designed for kids.

If you have a foot, ankle, lower leg or knee injury that the doctor suggests you should stay off of, knee walkers are desired to help you do just that and keep your quality of live as best as possible.

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