Ways to Customize Your Nursing Scrubs

If you are working in nursing, nursing scrubs are a necessity for work. Yet, that does not mean that they have to be boring or that you can’t bring a unique sense of style to your scrubs. There are ways…


Pros and Cons of Printed Nursing Uniforms

Nursing uniforms and scrubs can come in all sorts of colors and prints. From flowers to cartoon characters, there is plenty of variety to choose from when it comes to nursing uniforms. Yet, before you go and select the one…


Benefits of Compression Products

Compression products such as socks, legwear, and arm compression sleeves are used and recommended to help alleviate several issues and can offer enormous benefits for a huge number of people. Yet many people do not know what exactly compression products…


When Should You Buy a Lift Chair

A lift chair, in many cases, can give those with mobility issues an easier and more enjoyable life. Yet many find themselves asking when should you buy a lift chair or is it right for you? Here at Bayshore Medical…

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