Knee Walkers and Knee Scooters In Pasadena, TX

Knee Walkers and Knee Scooters Could be the Perfect Mobility Solution For You

Knee walkers allow you more mobility and also allow you to completely rest, hands-free than crutches.  Bayshore Medical Supply is the largest provider of knee walkers in Pasadena, TX, Galena Park,  Channelview, Baytown, League City, Deer Park, Pearland, and the Greater South Houston areas. With over 50 knee walkers in various sizes, we always have units ready to rent for South and Southeast Houston area residents and visitors.
Our rental knee walkers have extra padding for the knee and a transport basket to carry personal belongings. Click here for a full guide to knee walkers. Stop by our Pasadena location today to find the best solution for your lifestyle. We are here to help guide you to the right solution and answer any questions you may have. 

Types Of Knee Walkers in Stock

Kneerover Deluxe - Pasadena TX

KneeRover Deluxe

mobility-kneerover Pasadena TX

All Terrain KneeRover

Kneerover Jr knee walker Pasadena TX

KneeRover Jr

Kneerover JR Pasadena TX knee Walkers

All Terrain KneeRover Jr

mobility-kneerover-s-1 Pasadena TX and Houston TX

Seated KneeRover

Tips When Which Knee Walker to Rent or Buy

  1. Adjustability and Comfort:

    • Ensure that the knee walker is adjustable to your height. Look for one with adjustable handlebars and knee pad height. Proper adjustment is crucial for comfort and ease of use.
    • The knee pad should be cushioned and comfortable to support your injured leg. Look for models with padded knee platforms that distribute weight evenly to reduce discomfort during extended use.
  2. Stability and Maneuverability:

    • Check the stability of the knee walker. It should have a sturdy frame with four stable wheels for balanced support.
    • Look for models with steerable front wheels that allow for easy maneuvering. This feature is particularly useful when navigating through tight spaces or around obstacles.
  3. Braking System:

    • Ensure that the knee walker has an effective braking system. The brakes should be easy to engage and disengage for quick stops and smooth control.
    • Test the brakes to make sure they provide sufficient stopping power and that you can operate them comfortably.
  4. Portability and Storage:

    • Consider the portability of the knee walker, especially if you’ll need to transport it frequently. Look for models that are foldable or have a quick-release feature for easy storage and transportation.
    • Check the weight of the knee walker; lighter models are more manageable if you need to lift or load it into a vehicle.
  5. Weight Capacity and Durability:

    • Verify the weight capacity of the knee walker to ensure it can safely support your body weight.
    • Assess the overall build quality and materials. Durable, high-quality construction ensures the knee walker will withstand regular use and last for the duration of your recovery.

Safety Tips Using Knee Walkers

  1. Proper Adjustment: Ensure that the knee walker is adjusted to your height. The handlebars should be at a comfortable level, allowing you to maintain an upright posture while using it. This minimizes the strain on your back.

  2. Familiarization: Before heading out, practice using the knee walker in a safe and open area, such as your home or a flat sidewalk. Get comfortable with steering, turning, and braking to prevent accidents in more challenging environments.

  3. Maintain Stability: Always keep one foot on the ground when moving or stopping the knee walker. This helps maintain stability and prevents tipping over.

  4. Wear Proper Footwear: Choose sturdy, closed-toe shoes with good grip to prevent slipping off the knee walker’s platform.

  5. Secure Belongings: Use a bag or basket on the knee walker to carry your belongings. Ensure that they are securely fastened to prevent them from falling and causing tripping hazards.

  6. Observe the Terrain: Be cautious when navigating uneven or rough terrain. Slow down when encountering bumps, cracks, or obstacles to maintain control.

  7. Avoid Wet Surfaces: Wet or slippery surfaces can make the knee walker hard to control. Be especially careful on rainy days or when surfaces are wet.

  8. Watch for Obstacles: Keep an eye out for obstacles, like curbs, steps, or debris on the ground. Approach these slowly and carefully, and consider asking for assistance when necessary.

  9. Use Brakes Correctly: Familiarize yourself with the knee walker’s braking system and use it appropriately to slow down and stop safely.

  10. Stay Visible: If you’re using your knee walker outdoors, especially in low-light conditions, wear bright or reflective clothing and consider attaching reflectors or lights to the walker to increase visibility to others.

  11. Avoid Overloading: Do not exceed the weight limit of your knee walker. Overloading it can affect stability and safety.

  12. Use Crosswalks: When crossing streets, use designated crosswalks, and obey traffic signals. Always look both ways for oncoming traffic.

  13. Follow Your Healthcare Provider’s Guidance: Follow any specific instructions or restrictions provided by your healthcare provider. They can offer guidance tailored to your condition and recovery.

  14. Maintenance: Regularly inspect your knee walker for loose or damaged parts. Ensure that the wheels and brakes are in good condition.

  15. Plan Your Route: Before going out, plan your route to avoid steep inclines or obstacles that might be challenging to navigate with a knee walker.


Bayshore Medical Supply is in Pasadena TX and is the surrounding Houston area’s source for knee walkers and medical rental equipment. Bayshore offers knee walkers for rent and for sale, as well as other mobility products so patients can make the best solution for their lifestyle.

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