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Where You Buy Your Compression Socks Matters

Here at Bayshore Medical Supply, we are firm believers in compression socks, hosiery, and other products. Beyond the multitude of different science-based studies, we have talked with hundreds of customers and hear countless stories of compression products helping them. The right compression product can be an extremely helpful medical product for several conditions. That is why where you buy your compression socks matters. But first, let’s quickly look at a few conditions compression socks and leggings help with.

Compression socks come in different compression levels ranging from mild compression to extra firm compression. Here is a quick review of the compression levels and what they can be used for:

  • Mild compression 15-20mmHg: Prevention and relief of minor to moderate varicose veins, relief of tired aching legs, relief of minor swelling of feet and legs.
  • Moderate compression 20-30mmHg: Prevention and relief of moderate to severe varicose veins, treatment of moderate to severe lymphatic edema and management of active ulcers or post thrombotic syndrome.
  • Firm compression 30-40mmgh: Ulcer management, post thrombotic syndrome.

Varicose Veins.

Mayo Clinic lists varicose veins as “twisted, enlarged veins. Any superficial vein may become varicosed, but the veins most commonly affected are those in your legs” Basically it means the veins can be damaged and not return the blood back to the heart as it should because it can’t fight gravity. The compression helps push the blood back through the veins and into the heart.

Relief of Sore Legs

When you use your legs a lot by walking, running, or standing for long periods of time, lactic acid will begin to build up in the muscles and lead to inflammation and pain. Compression socks can relieve the pain and discomfort. Also, not enough blood flowing to the legs can cause leg discomfort. Wearing compression socks can improve blood distribution, lessening the leg pain you feel.

Swelling of the Legs.

Swelling of the legs is also known as Edema. Edema happens when your small blood vessels leak fluid into nearby tissues. This is usually caused by poor circulation. Another form of leg swelling is called deep vein thrombosis. This happens when the blood clots in the legs and causes swelling. Compression products squeeze the muscles and help push the blood back through the veins, not allowing the blood to pool and leak and therefore reduce or prevent the swelling of the legs.

Post Operation Recovery

If you have had a surgery that requires you to be off your legs for an extended period of time, it is easy for blood and fluids to build up in your legs. Compression socks, as started previously, helps reduce the pooling and collecting of blood and fluids in the legs and feet.

The Reasons Why Where You Buy Compression Products Matter

Your Health

All the conditions listed above can go from mild to severe; in the case of preventing blood clots, even life threatening. So, picking quality compression products like compression socks and compression legwear that you know and can trust is important to your health.

Picking the Right Products

Piggybacking off the fact that compression products affect your health, you want to get the right product for you. The wrong pressure or wrong quality can make the compression product seem to work, or even worse, do more harm than good. For example, we spend time with each customer fitting them for the right size and teaching them how to wear it correctly. This ensures you’re getting the maximum benefit of the pressure socks with minimal to no discomfort.

You Get What You Pay For

Now, we are not saying the more expensive the better. What we are saying however, is that cheap does not mean good. Cheap medical compression socks from places like Walmart tend to not last and are not as effective. Invest in higher quality, 4-way stretch, non-digging compression socks like the ones we carry here at Bayshore Medical Supply. We get a lot of customers who buy cheap socks at Walmart and end up coming in because the socks were too low quality and didn’t last. To harken back to the first point about health, you don’t want to put your health or recovery at risk just to save a few bucks. Your health is worth more than that.

The Extra Mile

Here at Bayshore Medical Supply, we go out of our way for that extra touch for our customers. We put every customer’s info into our system, so when they come back all of their info and past purchase data is ready to go. This helps match you with the right products every time!

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