How to Choose The Right Medical Supplies For You

How to Choose The Right Medical Supplies For You

If you are entering your golden years, choosing medical supplies is going to be crucial for longer and happier life. Yet choosing the right medical supplies can be difficult, and it may not be something pleasant to do. To make things a little easier for you, we have put together a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right medical supplies for you.

What you will need.

When it comes to what medical supplies you need, everyone is different and has different situations. For example, if you have mobility needs, you may consider Power Chairs and Scooters, Knee Walkers or, Lift Chairs. Compression products such as compression socks and hosiery are designed to reduce swelling and increase blood flow in areas such as legs and feet. Other good general medical supply considerations would be

Research your particular conditions and see what type of medical supplies are suggested to best suit your situations. You should always talk to your doctor as well. Have transparent discussions with your doctors and medical professions about your conditions and what they recommend for medical supplies you should have in your home in regard to any medical concerns or conditions you may have.

 We have also put together a comprehensive checklist for medical supplies for senior independent living.

How long will you need it?

Some medical supplies, like a blood pressure reader, are good to have around no matter what. Other medical supplies, such as knee scooters and knee walkers, may depend on the reason you’re getting the piece of equipment. If your condition is temporary, for example, recovery from surgery, you may not need it after. In these cases, you may consider renting your medical equipment rather than buying it. If you are thinking of renting instead of buying, you will want to consider the length of time you will need the equipment and compare the rental costs over that time versus the upfront costs for full purchase.

Other reasons to rent.

There are other reasons to consider renting. If you are considering a bigger purchase such as a lift chair or power chairs, but are not sure they are for you, you could consider renting one and trying it out before buying it. Also, if you are on a fixed income and just cannot afford an upfront lump sum, renting with smaller, monthly payments may be a better option for you.

Find reviews, ratings, and information.

Of course, whether you are buying or renting medical supplies of any kind, you should want to know how well it works. Look up the brands and the models to see if other people would recommend them. You can also visit any number of consumer websites and read about what others think of the brands and products you are thinking of purchasing. You can also talk to your doctor, and your medical supply specialist at a medical supply store such as us here at Bayshore Medical Supply.

A word of caution though. There is rarely a 5-star brand. In most cases, no brand can please everyone. You will more than likely find a few negative reviews on just about any brand. The best thing you can do is read them, and judge for yourself if their situation applies to you.

Also, you want to learn as much as you can about the products and medical supplies you are considering purchasing. You will want to know what the products are made out of and the quality of the materials.  Some materials will do a better job than others, such as some materials are more absorbent, some are tougher and last longer and others bend or flex better. Also, if you have any allergies that effect your skin, such as being allergic to latex, it’s good to know what materials those products have in them, so you know which ones to avoid. A lot of this information you can find online, or you can ask an associate at a reputable medical supply store. For example, if you are in the Pasadena, TX area, you can come in to Bayshore Medical Supply and ask questions, and we will do our very best to provide you with the expertise you’re looking for.

Our conclusion.

Some medical supplies, such as bandages, a blood pressure meter, and the like, are good to have on hand no matter what. Other medical supplies, such as lift chairs, knee walkers and wheelchairs, depend on your situation. Research and learn about what medical supplies fits your situations and conditions, what they are made out of, how recommended they are, and their purchasing options (renting or buying). With this knowledge you can make informed decisions about the medical supplies you need in order to extend your comfort and independence in your golden years.

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