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Arthritis – Medical Equipment to Help You Live Better

Living with Arthritis can be a struggle and oftentimes debilitating. Arthritis can restrict your movements, making it harder to get up from a seated position, walk around or even stand for long periods of time. As the condition gets worse, you could fall due to the distraction of pain and or stiff joints. There is medical equipment to help you live better. With the help of mobility aids such as canes, knee walkers, power chairs, and other medical equipment such as lift chairs, getting up and getting around does not have to be so difficult.

Grab Rails

A grab rail in and around the home can help provide a handhold for people who have balance problems, fatigue or pain in the muscles and joints from arthritis or other issues. There are several different styles to choose from to match your situation. You can add them in places like at the front door, in the bathroom near the shower or toilet, or in the bedroom.


Canes are one of the most known and recognizable pieces of mobility equipment out there. Just about everyone has seen an older adult with a cane. Despite being common, they can be absolutely essential for many people who have painful joints, or balance issues. There are many different types of canes out there made from wood or metal. The handgrip and height are essential to get right for your personal situation. There are different hand styles for those who may have difficulty gripping due to arthritis.

Knee Walker

For those who have arthritis in one knee or ankle, a knee walker (also known as a knee scooter) may be the right choice. With a knee walker, you just rest your knee on the pad and use the 3 to 4 wheels to help you cover long distances. Also, unlike canes, crutches, or walkers, you are able to keep an upright posture.  For more on knee walkers, please read The Complete Guide to Knee walkers and Knee Scooters.


Walkers provide extra balance and support as you use both hands instead of one to steady yourself as you move along. The height on most walkers is adjustable, so the width is what you need to look at if you are considering a walker. Most walkers do fold for easier storage. One other consideration is that walkers can’t be used to get upstairs, so if your home has stairs, you will still need a cane and handrails as well. 

Mobility Scooters and Power Chairs

If arthritis has made it really difficult to walk around, especially longer distances, a mobility scooter or power chair might be a good consideration in this case. Here at Bayshore Medical Supply in Pasadena, we have Mobility scooters available in 3- and 4-wheel models. Mobility scooters and power chairs are a practical choice for when walking just doesn’t seem like an option. There are a few things to consider though if you are looking into getting a mobility scooter or power chair.

  • Where you will be using the scooter?
  • Will the mobility scooter be easy to maneuver inside the home?
  • How comfortable do you want your scooter?


If you are in a lot of pain to where you can’t walk from arthritis or other conditions, and a power chair seems too cumbersome, a wheelchair might be a great option for you. At Bayshore Medical Supply, our transport wheelchairs are super lightweight (only 14 pounds) and can be folded down for easy transportation. People that are in wheelchairs spend a lot of time in them, so finding one that is comfortable is important. We can also help you find a seat width that is right for you.

Lift Chairs

If you have arthritis, it might be hard to get up from a chair. Lift Chairs are a great solution to helping you get up, plus they are really comfortable! Looking similar to ordinary recliners, power lift chairs help those who have trouble going from sitting to standing by using a powerful lifting system which tilts the base and back of the chair forward, assisting you to a standing position. This is helpful in easing your joints when you try to stand. and lessens the chances of falling while trying to get up. To Learn more about lift chairs, please read: Features of Lift Chairs -Improving Quality of Life


No matter what kind of mobility issues arthritis has created for you, if you live in Pasadena, Channelview, Baytown, League City or Southeast Houston, we here at Bayshore Medical Supply can help find the right solution for you to help ease your life and get you mobile again. Feel free to stop by at 4205 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena, TX 77504, or call (713) 472-8585.


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