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Frequently Asked Questions About Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs can be extremely helpful if you have trouble getting up from a sitting position. For millions of Americans and thousands of Houstonians, lift chairs are one of the keys to staying mobile and independent. If you are an again adult or have a medical condition that makes it hard to get up, or you have chronic pain, you might be considering a Lift Chair. However, considering a lift chair usually comes with questions. Let’s go over some frequently asked Questions about lift chairs, so you can decide if one is right for you.

What is the Difference Between a Lift Chair and a Recliner?

One of the more confusing things about a lift chair is that it looks like a recliner. So, what is the difference? The difference is a lift chair can both recline and lift you up to a standing position as the name suggests.

Who is A Lift Chair For?

A lift chair can be perfect for people whose mobility challenges make it difficult for them to rise out of a chair from a sitting position, or to sit down from a standing one due to pain or lack of muscle strength.

Does This Mean Lift Chairs Are Recommended for Seniors?

Yes, we recommend lift chairs for seniors that are looking to keep their independence in their own homes.  Assisting with senior mobility lift chairs can help seniors sit and stand faster while being safer than trying to stand alone.

Why Should I Buy a Lift Chair?

lift chair can provide peace of mind and eliminate the problem of having a place in your home where it is easier to get up from. With Lift Chairs, you can ease yourself up slowly until you get to a point where you can put your feet on the floor without shifting your body weight much.

Besides Helping in Standing, What Else is a Lift Chair Good For?

Lift chairs have multiple options that can help with pain for sore muscles and stiff joints. This includes heating and message. You can also raise your legs above your heart to help the blood flow in your legs. This can be of great help if you have deep thrombosis or swelling in your legs.  Lift Chairs can also help you sleep as well, with several different positions to make you comfortable.

What is a zero-gravity lift chair?

Zero gravity lift chairs (Also Known as infinite position chairs) feature a seat area that can tilt and raise. The zero-gravity reclining position aligns the spine and improves circulation.

What should I look for when buying a power lift chair?

You should consider your needs and compare them to the lift chair’s features. Compare sizes to make sure it’s a comfortable fit. You want to see how many positions the lift chair has. You want to check what the weight capacity is for the lift chair.  the Each lift chair comes with an approved weight capacity. You also what to consider the type of covering of the lift chair. For example, here at Bayshore Medical Supply, we sell Golden Technologies Lift Chairs. One of the selections is a beautiful leather lift chair. Yet, if you sweat a lot? leather may not be the best choice. We also have a great selection of fabric-covered lift chairs as well.

How does a lift chair mechanism work?

The lift chair has one motor that controls the scissor mechanism so when the chair reclines the back the feet move up and when the feet go down the back comes up.

What if My Lift Chair Stops Working?

If you are in the Pasadena or Southeast Houston area and have bought a lift chair from us, we service all the lift chairs we sell. You can ask a store associate for more information. Most quality medical supply stores will service the lift chairs they sell.

Can You Rent a Lift Chair?

Yes, you can. Here at Bayshore, we understand that purchasing a lift chair is a big investment. That is why we have lift chair rental options available.

We hope this helps in understanding lift chairs and how they can help you. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us. We here at Bayshore Medical Supply have been in the business of providing the Pasadena area with Lift Chairs for over 20 years.

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