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When Should You Buy a Lift Chair

A lift chair, in many cases, can give those with mobility issues an easier and more enjoyable life. Yet many find themselves asking when should you buy a lift chair or is it right for you? Here at Bayshore Medical Supply located in Pasadena TX, we want to help you with the decision of when to buy a lift chair by giving you some information in regard to what lift chairs can do and who they are for.

What is a Lift Chair?

First of all, let us clarify exactly what a lift chair is. A lift chair (aka Power Lift Recliners) looks similar to a recliner but can take a person from sitting to standing by “lifting” them up as well as reclining like a standard recliner chair. Lift Chairs are available in a variety of sizes and styles, with numerous optional features. At Bayshore Medical Supply, we carry the nicest Golden Technology models in the Houston area. Some Golden Technology lift chair models come with 3 motors that incline and decline as well as lift to almost standing position. The material is a really soft leather-like material that’s actually super durable and hard to scratch.

Lift Chairs for the Elderly.

Falls are the most common causes of injuries in the elderly population of the Houston area. Lift chairs are a great product for elderly people who have difficulty getting up from a sitting position. These lift chairs can raise them to a standing position to where they can either walk around or go to a mobility device to get around. This can be very important for seniors that want to keep some sense of their independence. Lift chairs are also a benefit to the caregivers as it is much easy to guide the patient from sitting to standing.

Lift Chairs for overweight or obese people.

For overweight or obese people, it can be hard to get to a standing position, especially toward the end of the day when you are already tired. Lift chairs like the MaxiComforter- M26 are built for those up to 500lbs. These chairs are built to help those who are overweight to get the comfort they are looking for, as well as getting safely from a seated position to standing. These chairs also help with issues that come with being overweight such as poor circulation and back issues.

Lift Chairs for prolonged injuries or recovery from injuries.

If you have a prolonged injury to a weight-bearing part of your body, it can make it hard to get up. For example, a torn ACL in the knee can take up to 6 months or more to heal. That can make getting up from a seated position hard for the patient. Lift chairs can help the injured safely rise to a standing position. Also, lift chairs recline and many have a zero-gravity position, allowing to place the injured part of the body in a more comfortable position as well as increasing the circulation, which encourages the healing of the injury and speeds up recovery time.

Lift Chairs for those who have heart or circulation issues.

Lift chairs are a great choice for individuals with heart and circulation issues. With lift chairs, you can position the feet to be elevated above the heart meaning there is less force needed to circulate blood throughout our body. When the feet are elevated, it can be easier for the heart because there is less gravity pulling downward towards our grounded feet.

Lift Chair for Sleep issues.

Lift Chairs can be perfect for those who have trouble going to sleep due to mobility issues. With a sleep chair, there’s a perfect position for those that prefer to lay flat but want the additional support that most mattresses don’t provide if you have medical conditions that make it hard to get comfortable on a bed such as back pains, fibromyalgia, leg cramps, abdominal cramping, and other medical issues. With positions such as sleep position and zero gravity, a lift chair can help you find that perfect position to drift off to sleep in comfort by finding the right position as well as providing therapeutic heat and massage.

You can rent or buy a lift chair.

If you have more of a temporary issue, such as recovering from injury, or temporally taking care of a loved one in your home, you are not stuck having to outright purchase a lift chair. There are options to rent a lift chair for the duration of your need as well.

Bayshore Medical Supply in Pasadena TX carries Golden Technology Lift Chairs, America’s leading brand in lift chairs and is the leading Golden Technology Lift Chairs Dealer in Houston. At Bayshore, when you buy a lift chair from us, we can come to deliver it and set it up in your house for you. If you are unsure if you’re a good candidate, you can also call us at (713) 472-8585 or come visit us at 4205 Spencer Hwy Pasadena, TX 77504 and we can help you decide if a lift chair is right for you.

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