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How to Choose the Best Nursing Uniform For You

Let’s face facts, nursing uniforms  or scrubs you get from the clinics and hospitals are just boring and have no personality. Here at Bayshore Medical Supply, we completely get that. Yet when you go shopping for scrubs at a store like ours, the wide range of selection of colors, types and fabrics can be overwhelming. So, you are left wondering how to choose the best nursing uniform for you? Don’t Worry, we have some tips that should help you narrow down your selections and pick what is right for you.

First Off, Color

Depending on what office or clinic you work in, many have a certain color scheme or at least a dominant color that either represents the brand or profession for that clinic. So, before you go shopping for nursing scrubs, ask your employer if there is a color scheme you need to stick to and what colors are involved.

If there are no color schemes to stick to, then you’re free to be creative. Of course, if you’re shopping for nursing uniforms at a place like Bayshore Medical Supply, you’re probably going to want to stay away from the boring colors.

PRO TIP: If it fits your personality, you may want to go with darker colors. Being a nurse can be a messy profession, so it is hard to get messes and stains out of light-colored scrubs.

Check How They Fit You

Nursing scrubs today come in so many different fits, from loose-fitting to tailored, from classic to trendy. It really comes down to a combination of nursing uniforms that have the look you want, and the fit you need. Nurses’ hours can be long shifts, so you don’t want scrubs that are uncomfortable. If you buy scrubs that don’t fit properly, you will spend your entire day adjusting them. Over the course of a long shift, this can be exceptionally annoying. This applies to scrubs that are too tight or too loose. Scrub brands don’t follow a universal sizing convention. That is why it is good to know your measurements ahead of time.

If you have been in the nursing profession awhile you may already know your measurements. If not, here is how to take your measurements. Take all of your measurements over any undergarments. Use a flexible tape measure and hold it in a relaxed straight line when measuring around your body. 

Chest / Bust

Place measuring tape under the arms to measure the distance around the shoulder blades and the fullest part of the bust/chest. Do not hold the tape too tight.


Loosely place the measuring tape around the natural waistline.


Stand with feet a few inches apart and measure around the fullest part of your hips wearing your undergarments.


Measure along the inside of the leg, from just below the crotch to 1″ below the ankle, or to the desired length of the pants.

You will also want to be careful of length. Nursing uniforms come in different lengths, so check to see if there are any requirements by your employer before shopping for scrubs.

When you’re buying pants, you may want to look for ones that have a draw string.

Check the Materials for Comfort and Durability

Material Blends can make a big difference on how a set of scrubs feel and last. Generally, many nursing uniforms are made out of a blend of cotton and polyester. Some have more spandex and stretch in their fabrics. Some brands have breathable, moisture-wicking fabric with ample stretch for a comfortable yet fitted feel. For example, Med Couture, one of the major brands carried at Bayshore Medical Supply, is made from soft and stretchy cotton/poly/spandex fabric. Their E-Z Flex fabric will withstand multiple washings and stay color rich.

Another example is Dickies, another top scrub brand carried at Bayshore Medical Supply. They are made from a poplin fabric that allows a scrub top to stay comfortable in all day, while the side vents make it breathable.

Look for Pockets

The number of pockets and where they are located can make a difference when it comes to your work. Some scrubs will only have chest pockets, while some pants will have pockets, and some don’t. If you are in a line of nursing that requires you to carry a lot of stuff around, try to find a set of scrubs with both sets of pockets.

Also, when you find ones with pockets, make sure they are big enough to be practical in use. Some are just there for aesthetic reasons and are shallow, so you really can’t carry much in those. Something to note is if you need to wear a nurse’s fob watch, scrubs with a chest pocket will be a requirement.

Don’t Go Too Cheap

Just about everyone is looking for a way to save money. However, you don’t want to shop for nursing uniforms on price alone. High-quality nursing scrubs will also be able to go through more wash cycles. If you buy super cheap scrubs they can wear faster, and you could be looking at a never-ending cycle of replacing your nursing uniforms.

Nursing Uniforms at Bayshore Medical Supply

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