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Mobility medical equipment – solutions to your mobility issues

It’s not something we think about much day to day. Walking, bending, getting out of a chair, having a relaxing sit at home are all daily activities we take for granted, until something happens. Whether that something is an injury or age, you can’t move like you used to. Mobility issues can have a dramatic and detrimental toll on your life.  It can rob you of daily activities out of the home and possibly your independent living. Thankfully, with the use of mobility medical equipment, there are ways to improve your life so that your mobility issues have less of an impact on your life. Here, we are going to cover some of the solutions to your mobility issues.

Mobility Solutions For Outdoor And On The go

Walkers, Wheelchairs, scooters and knee walkers.

Running errands and getting chores done outside the home is a task that many do without much thought of walking to the car or strolling in the store. When you go to take a walk, many don’t think about the actual act of walking. Yet, as we get older it does become more difficult. If you have an injury, say to your knee or hip, suddenly the act of getting your chores done takes on a whole new meaning and facet. Your very independence is at stake.

 Considering Your Mobility Solution Needs

Today, there are mobility options that help minimize the impact
of your injury or condition and help improve the quality of your life. Before
we go into the specific solutions, here are some things to consider when
choosing your mobility medical equipment:

·        Consider your mobility needs vs. the injury or
condition you have

·        Pros and cons of renting vs. buying a mobility

·        Short-term vs. long-term needs

·        Whether you have help from a caregiver or nurse
vs. total independence

Buying or renting a mobility solution is potentially a big step
that can have a dramatic impact on your life. When considering your mobility
solutions needs, you have to ask yourself:

·        Why do you need a mobility device?

·        What do you need the mobility device to do?

·        How would using a mobility device benefit your
daily life?

Common Mobility Issue Solutions

In this section, we want to point out 4 common pieces of mobility medical equipment that are designed to help give you back some freedom of movement and independence in the home. 

The first solution we want to focus on is Walkers. Medical walkers are very useful devices especially for elderly people who still want to get around on their own with a just a bit of assistance. People who have medical conditions and injuries that affect their balance or ability to walk unaided will find walkers useful. We carry a huge selection of Medical walkers in different sizes for different needs. Some of our walkers will even fold up to fit in tight spaces like bathrooms, doorways and compact vehicles. Knee Walkers and Knee Scooters are perfect for those who have an injury or condition to just one leg. You simply place the injured leg on the pad, grab the steering wheel and push off with the other leg. You can move along at a quick pace because your weight is supported by the knee walker itself, unlike crutches where your weight is supported under your arms. Another benefit of knee walkers is that when you’re not moving, you have full use of both of your hands. Being lightweight and easy to fold, many of our Walkers can be operated with only one hand.

Next are wheelchairs. Unlike walkers, wheelchairs are best suited for people who can’t put any weight on their lower body.  Our transport wheelchairs are super lightweight (only 14 pounds) and can be folded down for easy transportation. Transport chair models are wheelchairs without big wheels and are made with ultralight aluminum, so they’re perfect for the elderly, small women and people who can’t lift a regular wheelchair.

Power scooters are great for those who need more help getting around and going longer distances. They are very durable; some are easy to transport and give you freedom to go longer distances without needing someone to push or tiring out your arms. Bayshore Medical Supply’s power scooters  are much better quality than the models you’re used to seeings at grocery stores. Our power scooters are clean, efficient and comfortable. Our power chairs and scooters also come with a joystick on the armrest that can turn the chair in a complete circle.

Some other mobility solutions are canes and crutches. In many cases a knee scooter is a better answer to your mobility solution than crutches. See Knee Walkers vs Crutches to understand which is better in different situations and scenarios.

Each of these solutions fit different needs and situations. When you are considering a mobility solution that is right for you, here are some components and features to consider:

Mobility devices have many custom options including:

  • Steering
    •         Manual
    •               Power
  • Seating
    •               Captain’s style chair
    •          Cushioned seat
    •          Swivel seat
  • Wheel
    •          All-terrain
    •          Standard
  • Power component
    •          Replaceable battery
    •          Rechargeable
  • Accessories
    •          Storage
    •          Cup holders
    •          Baskets
    •          Bell

Lift Chairs, From Sitting to Standing

Lift chairs help those who have trouble going from sitting to standing. They look similar to ordinary recliners and have the relaxation benefits of recliners. The difference between a lift chair and a reclining chair is that instead of leaning back, the lift chair contains a powerful lifting system which can be triggered to tilt the base and back of the chair forward, assisting the user in returning to a standing position. From a standing position, you can transfer to another mobility device such as a wheelchair, or be able to stand and walk about. Walking or moving around has several benefits to those with mobility issues such as reducing edema or swelling in the legs. It is because of these cases that we feel lift chairs should be mentioned.

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