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Renting Home Medical Supplies

Whether it is because of aging, sudden medical conditions, or recovering from an injury, at some point in time we all end up needing medical supplies at home. Some reasons, like recovering from injuries, are temporary and do not necessarily need a permanent medical supply solution. Other medical supplies are costly to buy outright. That is why there is medical supply rental solutions from medical supply stores like ours, Bayshore Medical Supply. There are some real benefits to renting home medical supplies.

A More Affordable Option

Some medical supplies, like a lift chair, can be a bit pricey for someone on a fixed income. They may not have the disposable cash or credit for a piece of equipment that costs hundreds to over a thousand dollars. For those people, the option of renting a lift chair, or other pieces of expensive medical equipment may make more economical sense to them.

A Solution to a Temporary Problem

If you have a lower leg problem or injury you’re recovering from, you may buy crutches or even a knee walker, but it does not really make sense once you’re recovered from your lower leg issue. That is why there are knee walkers for rent. There are plenty of benefits of knee walkers over crutches to start with.  And once your leg is healed, it would be something you no longer need. And once you are recovered, you’re not stuck with a piece of medical equipment you really don’t need any longer.

 Another piece of medical equipment that can be a more temporary fix is a wheelchair or transport chairs. Some surgeries or injuries can completely immobilize your ability to walk. However, in many cases, this is just temporary. You are not going to want to pay for something that in just a few weeks or months you may not need. In cases such as this, renting a wheelchair or transport chair is an option that makes sense to do. Renting home medical supplies is just a more affordable option if the reason you’re looking into a piece of medical equipment is a temporary one.

Gives You a Try It Before You Buy It Option

As mentioned, to purchase a lift chair can take a bit of investment when it comes to money. If you are not sure if a lift chair is right for you, you can always rent a lift chair for a month. This would give you the ability to “test drive” a lift chair and see if one is right for you and which one is right for you before making that investment.   

Change Out Equipment as Needed

Depending on your circumstances, your needs may change as you recover or age. Renting home medical supplies may be an easier option for you to change your medical equipment as needed. For example, you may start out needing a wheelchair, then a few weeks later, change that out for a knee walker.

Free Maintenance and Repairs

One of the top reasons to rent home medical supplies is free maintenance and repairs. If you buy a piece of equipment, such as a lift chair, once the warranty is expired you have to pay if you want to get the equipment repaired if and when if ever breaks down. However, when you rent a lift chair, If something goes wrong with your equipment, and it’s no longer under warranty, you still will be able to get the equipment serviced at no additional cost as long as the damage wasn’t willful or negligent.

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