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Ways to Customize Your Nursing Scrubs

If you are working in nursing, nursing scrubs are a necessity for work. Yet, that does not mean that they have to be boring or that you can’t bring a unique sense of style to your scrubs. There are ways to customize your nursing scrubs that can combine style and function allowing you to show your personality and be professional at the same time. Here at Bayshore Medical Supply in Pasadena, TX, we have some ways you can personalize your nursing scrubs.

Embroidery on Your Scrubs

Bayshore Medical Supply in Pasadena TX offers embroidery services along with a wide selection of scrubs. One of the most unique ways you can customize your nursing scrubs is through embroidery, adding text and graphics to your nursing uniform. One idea is to embroider your full name and title or even your department name. You can have an image done, a date, or even the name of the facility. Of course, you will want to check with your employers to see what is allowed first.

Mixing Different Colors

Your scrubs do not need to be the exact same solids (facility permitting of course).  You can also mix and match your colors as well. At Bayshore Medical Supply we carry a wide variety of solids scrubs of a wide variety of colors. When you buy a variety of colors, you have the ability to mix and match different outfits and create different color schemes. You can even create seasonal outfits as well. For example, an extremely popular pairing is red and green for the holidays or red, white and blue during the summer.

Don’t Forget Pockets!

Pockets are extremely important for anyone working in the medical field, including nurses. Pockets carry supplies, pens, pads, phones, keys and so much more. The possibilities of their uses are endless. They provide the ability to be even more productive. So, it would make sense to buy scrubs that have extra pockets. You can find scrubs with plenty of pockets on both tops and pants at Bayshore Medical Supply.

At Bayshore Medical Supply, we carry a wide range of nursing scrubs as well as embroidery services so with our customization options for scrub tops and scrub pants for both men and women, so you’ll have a complete outfit of your own design. Bayshore Medical has been supplying the nursing community of Pasadena and all of Southeast Houston with nursing uniforms and scrubs for over 20 years. Come see us at 4205 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena, TX 77504 or call us today at 713-472-8585 for your nursing scrubs needs

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